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Data privacy heroes

What is PrivacyRating?

PrivacyRating will rate various services for you according to their privacy practices.

Simple data protection rating for you!
Simply enter the name of the service.
Get an assessment through a traffic light system and a summary.
View displayed suggestions for replacement services.

Criteria for traffic light system

  • Express consent for inclusion of non-essential third parties
    e.g. 2-click solution for share buttons
  • No mandatory disclosure of personal data
    e.g. telephone number, email address
  • No personalised marketing/advertisement through profiling
    Only marketing based on e.g. search results, topics, …
  • Protection against unauthorized access by third parties / hacking
    Complete encryption
  • No unnecessary data collection
    such as names of installed apps, geolocation
  • No tracking, no big data
    Differential privacy or defragmented, aggregated or anonymous analysis without tracking id; no data retention/mass data storage
Too few or no criteria met
The rating of a service is at most as good as that of its order data processors or partners.
Automatically remind yourself to use privacy-friendly apps

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